Ashgrove Rams

Principally the stud ewe flock is the well known FE Gold Ashgrove Coopworth flock. Some of these Coopworth ewes are crossed with an FE Gold Romney ram to breed some Romworth rams. In addition a Suftex stud ewe flock is also run on Ashgrove.

The sheep studs are run alongside commercial Coopworth ewes. Apart from mating and lambing, commercial ewes and the stud Coopworth and Suftex ewes are all run together. Consequently the stud sheep are not pampered, but farmed commercially and are well known for shifting anywhere. Over the last three years all Coopworth stud and commercial ewes averaged 190% scanning based on ewes to ram, at a 62kg tupping weight.

Ashgrove high performance Ewes on the move

Whilst we have great genetics on an index basis, that doesn't mean the sheep are soft. The stud Coopworths run on steep country, don't get drenched or dipped, have high conception rates, most rear two lambs, struggle through variable seasons and bounce back and repeat the process or get culled.


Ashgrove Coopworth Genetic Trend Graph compared with all other NZ Maternal Stud Flocks across all breeds.

  • Dotted line is Ashgrove and blue line is average of all other maternal stud flocks
  • Included in the analysis is facial eczema, meat, survival, reproduction, growth, adult size and wool
Suftex Ram Hoggets