Bull Sales

Matauri R2 Angus Bull Sale 6th July

A quality line up of Matauri Angus bulls will be available for buyers at our on farm auction on Wednesday 6th July 2022. These are genuine tough hard hill country bulls. Packed with plenty of genetics. Take a look for yourself on BREEDOBJECT at the sale line up or follow the link at the bottom for the sale catalogue.

There will be several exciting stud quality bulls available for transfer - be sure to watch this space as they will be profiled soon. As advance warning LOT 17 - Matauri Powerball R139, is a trait leader for scrotal circumference at a massive 6cm, and strength across so many other traits, with great temperament and structure. Certainly worth a look.

Pre sale inspection most welcome - please get in touch with Travis or James

Matauri Angus Low Birthweight Yearling Sale is scheduled for Tuesday 20th September 2022.

Need a simple explanation of all the EBV and Index jargon in the catalogue. Head to EBV's Explained - Angus NZ

Videos of Bulls Available on bidr - VIDEOS

We are also offering a virtual bidding option via bidr for those who can't attend our auctions in person. Registration is essential! To register before sale day please visit www.bidr.co.nz and follow the easy steps.  If you have any issues please phone Jess and the bidr team on 0800 862 437. Final videos will be loaded by Wednesday 29th June.

Flying and need assistance?

If coming through Hamilton and don’t want to drive, Sun Air have a service flying direct from Hamilton to Whangarei, and from Tauranga to Whangarei (via Hamilton). Come up the night before, stay in the beautiful north and we can arrange pickups to get you to the auction and back again to the airport or hotel.

Of course Air New Zealand also have a reliable service, if you need any assistance we can assist with pick ups and drop offs.

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